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Summary: this section explains how to restore an Application from a backup made in Console.


(tick)Ensure that your Application already exists.
(tick)Ensure that you are logged in as a user with the Admin role.
(tick)Ensure that you have already created a backup.

What is restored?

When a restore is actioned (from a backup created in the AIP Console), the following will occur:

  • the Application's associated schemas will be restored (i.e. existing schemas are deleted and replaced by those in the backup)
  • the Application's associated Delivery folder will be restored (i.e. the existing Delivery folder will be deleted and replaced by the data in the backup)
  • Options set at version level within the Application, for example exclusion patterns, source path, objective choices (these are included when restoring backups taken with Console ≥ 1.22)
  • Any Version created after the backup was created will be deleted
  • Any other backups created after the restored backup was created, will be deleted
  • The version that was current at the time the backup was created will be set as the current version once again
  • The Measurement Service schema will be synchronised using the data in the restored schemas
  • If you are using the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow (see Workflow - Application onboarding with Fast Scan), all fast scan data is restored


Login with a user account that already has the Admin role and switch to the Admin Center:

Ensure you are working in the Applications tab:

Find the Application you would like to restore and click Options > View Details:

Click the Restore icon for the chosen backup:

The restore will then proceed:

On completion of the restore process, please ensure that the restored Application is correctly configured.

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