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Note that in AIP Core  8.3.45, the table GUID_OBJECTS can no longer be used . Attempting to use it will generate and ERROR_ID = 5 on each returned row. If you have scripts using this table to generate custom OBJECT_GUIDs, for legacy technologies such as VisualBasic and PowerBuilder, you should update those scripts to use the OBJECT_ID (which is always available) instead of generating a custom OBJECT_GUID using this table. In this situation, the information below is obsolete and should not be used.

In some circumstances as outlined in the examples in the sub pages of KB Update SQL Tool - Using the tool in specific scenarios, it is necessary to create OBJECT_GUIDs for objects that have not been assigned them during an analysis by updating the GUID_OBJECTS table. These are objects resulting from some CAST analyses. The following CAST Analyzers give an OBJECT_GUID to objects that they store in the Analysis schema:

  • ABAP Analyzer
  • C++ Analyzer
  • Mainframe Analyzer
  • J2EE Analyzer
  • SQL Analyzer
  • SSRS Analyzer
  • SSIS Analyzer
  • TIBCO Analyzer
  • Universal Analyzer
  • Universal Importer

An OBJECT_GUID naming convention is used for the above analyzers and CAST recommends following this where possible. You can view the OBJECT_GUID for objects already in the Analysis schema by querying the CAST System Views (make sure these are up-to-date).

select *

For objects that do not have an OBJECT_GUID, you can devise your own naming convention, but, because the OBJECT_GUID must be unique, CAST does recommend checking that the OBJECT_GUID you want to assign to a particular object does not already exist. Use the following query against the CAST System Views (make sure these are up-to-date), replacing the text in red with the OBJECT_GUID you want to create:

select count(1) Cnt
where OBJECT_GUID = '<proposed OBJECT-GUID>'
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