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Summary: Instructions explaining how to manually install and uninstall the Windows Service for the AIP Console and AIP Node(s) packages.

Manually install the Windows Services

In some circumstances it may be necessary to manually install the Windows Service for the AIP Console and AIP Node packages, for example if you have previously been using the batch files to start and stop AIP Console/AIP Node. To do so, on the server hosting the front-end AIP Console and on each AIP Node where you require a Windows Service, locate the following files

  • AIP Console: %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\tools\aip-console-service-install.bat
  • AIP Node: %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\tools\aip-node-service-install.bat


  • Either execute the .bat file (by double clicking it) and manually configure the Service when it is installed (start-up preference, logon service account etc.)
  • or execute the .bat file in a CMD Window using the following syntax:
aip-console-service-install start_after_install is_user_account [service_user] [service_password]
aip-node-service-install start_after_install is_user_account [service_user] [service_password]
  • start_after_install: start the service after installation, true/false
  • is_user_account: log on as specific user, true(recommended)/false
  • service_user: service domain\user name
  • service_password: service password

For example, to start the Service after installation and to use a login MyAccount with the password MyPassword:

aip-console-service-install true true MyAccount MyPassword
aip-node-service-install true true MyAccount MyPassword

Manually uninstall the Windows Services

To manually uninstall the Windows Service, locate the following files and execute them on the relevant servers:

  • AIP Console: %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\tools\aip-console-service-uninstall.bat
  • AIP Node: %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\tools\aip-node-service-uninstall.bat
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