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Summary: this page describes how to perform various actions that may be necessary and not automatically managed by the GUI/CLI installation process.


Due to some constraints with regard to the GUI/CLI installation process for the AIP Console/AIP Node packages, it may be necessary to perform some additional manual actions depending on the AIP Console / AIP releases you are using. Each is described below.

Install default discoverers

Note that the patching of the default discoverers is not required if you are using AIP Console ≥ 1.8.x.

Download this ZIP file: (~2.5MB) and unpack the ZIP, which should give you a folder called DMT_Plugins containing various files and folders:

Copy the index.xml file and all folders to the "plugins" folder located in ALL Delivery folders that have been configured. The Delivery folder is configured during the AIP Node installation and there will be one Delivery folder for each AIP Node, therefore you may need to copy the files/folder multiple times. If prompted, ensure you overwrite all files.

Patch the CAST AIP installation on each AIP Node with CAST-SourceCodeZipScanner.exe

Note that the patching of CAST-SourceCodeZipScanner.exe is not required (regardless of the release of CAST AIP that you are using on your AIP Nodes) if you are using AIP Console ≥ 1.8.x.

The CAST-SourceCodeZipScanner.exe tool is required by AIP Console in each AIP Node (i.e. each installation of CAST AIP), however, it is only delivered with CAST AIP  8.3.9. Therefore if you are using an older release of CAST AIP (≤ 8.3.8) on your AIP Nodes, you will need to copy this file to ALL your AIP Nodes.

  • Download the CAST-SourceCodeZipScanner.exe
  • Copy the file to the tools folder located in the root of each CAST AIP installation, typically this is located here:

Ensure correct release of CAST Support Tool (CST) is installed

Note that this step is not required if you are using the following releases of CAST AIP with CAST AIP Console:

  • CAST AIP 8.3.8 - 8.3.12
  • CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.16

The CAST Support Tool (CST) is used by AIP Console for backing up data and configuration options for CAST Support. The tool is delivered with CAST AIP and is therefore pre-installed on each AIP Node, however, if you are using CAST AIP 8.3.0 - 8.3.7 or CAST AIP 8.3.13 - 8.3.15, please patch the tool:

Download the latest available ZIP from Unpack the ZIP, which should give you a folder containing various files:

Copy all files in this folder to the following location. If you have multiple AIP Nodes, you will need to repeat this action for each AIP Node. If prompted, ensure you overwrite all files.

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