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Summary: this page explains how to login to AIP Console for the first time and check that all is functioning as expected.


You should now check that AIP Console is running: you may wish to check that access is possible from an unrelated machine on the internal network. You should use a URL for which you have already configured a redirect in Step 1 above:


If the setup has been completed successfully, you will see the following:

Login with a user that has the ADMIN role as defined in Keycloak. The startup wizard will be displayed (see Complete start-up wizard - v. 2.x).

Login troubleshooting

Invalid parameter: redirect_uri

If you see the following when attempting to login, this means that you are attempting to access AIP Console using a URI which has not been added to Keycloak. If this is the case, add the required URI as explained in Initial login to Keycloak and configure a redirect - v. 2.x:


If you see the following, then the Docker container running the front-end is likely not running correctly:

Use the following command to check the status of the aip-gateway container:

docker ps

In the following example the aip-gateway container (responsible for the AIP Console front-end) is continually restarting indicating an error:

Click to enlarge

Running the following command will bring up the running log for the aip-gateway container, which may provide information about why the container is not running correctly:

docker logs aip-gateway
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