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Summary: This page describes the CLI (Command Line Interface) option that is available to fully delete an Application from the AIP Console.

What does the CLI option do?

This CLI option will fully delete an Application from the AIP Console (this option is also available in the AIP Console GUI). It is generally only necessary to use the CLI option if you have attempted to delete an Application in the GUI and this has failed. The CLI option will then attempt to fully remove all trace of the Application from the AIP Console for example:

  1. delete the Application specific Delivery folder
  2. delete the CAST AIP schemas
  3. delete any AIP Console embedded database entries
You can also delete an Application through the AIP Console GUI.

How does it work?

The CLI option is run via a predefined batch file using specific options. The batch must be run on the AIP Node which is used to manage the Application you want to delete. You can find the batch file in the following location - i.e. on the AIP Node:


Run this batch script from a CMD window using the following arguments - see Available CLI arguments:

deleteApplication.bat -apiHost "<http://localhost:8082>" -appName "<applicationName>" -token "<AIP Node token>" -keepData

Available CLI arguments

All argument data must be enclosed in quote marks: "....".
ArgumentsDefault valueRequired?Description
-appName-(tick)Specifies the Application to be imported. This is case-sensitive and must match the name of the Application as defined in the CAST Management Studio.


(error)Specifies the server/port URL for the AIP Node. If omitted, the default value is used.

Specifies the access token for the AIP Node. This can be found in the <AIP_console_installation>\AipNode\data\ file on the line spring.liquibase.parameters.baseToken

-keepDataNO(error)Specifies whether you want to keep the data associated with the Application (Delivery folder, AIP schemas, AIP Console database entries). If omitted, the default value is used (data is deleted). If you intend to re-import the Application, use this option.


Remove the Application "MEUDON" from the AIP Node "my_aip_node", deleting all data:

<AIP_console_installation>\AipNode\admin\deleteApplication.bat -apiHost "my_aip_node:8082" -appName "MEUDON" -token "XDD1rgGfKcXDD2gk6Vjd"

Remove the Application "MEUDON" from the AIP Node "my_aip_node", retaining all data:

<AIP_console_installation>\AipNode\admin\deleteApplication.bat -apiHost "my_aip_node:8082" -appName "MEUDON" -token "XDD1rgGfKcXDD2gk6Vjd" -keepData
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