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Summary: this page describes how to configure Console to send out email notifications for "job" (snapshot/analysis) related statuses.


Users can be notified via email with regard to the following "job" related statuses:

  • job successfully completed
  • job failed due to an error
  • user manually stopped a job
  • application creation successful
  • new version created
  • etc.

In ≥ 1.17, email notifications are sent to all users with permission to manage an Application in Console.


(tick)Access to a local or remote mail server to relay email notifications (the Console does not have a built-in mail server)
(tick)Mail server configured to accept mail from Console
(tick)Email address added and enable notifications set to active in the user profile. See AIP Console - User Profile options.

Configuration process

Edit the properties file

Edit the following file located on the Console server with a text editor:

≥ 2.x Enterprise mode Docker


Locate the following lines in the file:

# =============================
# Mail server settings
# -----------------------------

Update the entries to match your mail server:


Enter the host name (local server/fully qualified domain name) of your target mail server. For example, for an Office365 mail server:


Enter the port number used by the target mail server to accept mail. For example:

  • spring.mail.port=587
spring.mail.username=Enter the credentials required to access your target mail server. If no credentials are required (for example you are using Direct Send or a Connector in Office365) then leave these entries blank.
spring.mail.password= entry sets the mail submission protocol to insecure SMTP. Please leave this entry as is. entry will force the mail submission to be attempted with the AUTH command. If your mail server does not require authentication, change this entry to false. entry will force the mail submission to upgrade the insecure SMTP protocol to use TLS or SSL. If this is not required, change this entry to false.

Restart the AIP Console

Restart the AIP Console to ensure the changes are taken into account:

  • If the AIP Console is installed as a Windows Service, restart the service
  • If the AIP Console is running only using the batch files, close the CMD window to stop the AIP Console, then restart it using the following file:

Test the configuration

When the email configuration options have been updated, you should test them as follows:

  • enter an email address in your profile
  • enable notifications
  • run an analysis/snapshot and check that you receive an email notification about the outcome


If you fail to receive an email notification, the mail server configuration may have errors preventing the notification from being sent. To check whether an error occurred when the notification was sent, open the following log file with a text editor:

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