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By default each AIP Node will open and maintain a maximum of 10 connections to the associated CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL instance. Some of these connections may remain idle. If you would like to modify the number of open connections, particularly if you have multiple AIP Nodes using the same CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL instance, please see below.

Step 1 - Edit the configuration file

A configuration file ( must be edited to make these changes. This file is available on EACH AIP Node, therefore if you have more than one AIP Node, you will need to make this change on all AIP Nodes.

To do so, first locate this file:


Edit the file with a text editor and locate the following lines:

# Minimum number of idle connections that are maintained in the connection pool. Recommended: same as maximumPoolSize
# Maximum size that the connection pool is allowed to reach, including both idle and in-use connections

CAST recommends keeping both options to the same value. Therefore if you decrease database.server.maximumPoolSize, you should also decrease database.server.minimumIdle to match. A technical explanation of each option is shown below:

database.server.minimumIdleThis property controls the minimum number of idle connections that the AIP Node tries to maintain in the pool. If the idle connections dip below this value and total connections in the pool are less than maximumPoolSize, the AIP Node will make a best effort to add additional connections quickly and efficiently. Default: same as maximumPoolSize

This property controls the maximum size that the pool is allowed to reach, including both idle and in-use connections. Basically this value will determine the maximum number of actual connections to the CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL instance. Default: 10

Save the file when the changes are complete.

Step 2 - Apply configuration changes

Restart the AIP Nodes to ensure all changes are taken into account:

  • If the AIP Nodes are installed as Windows Services, restart the services
  • If the AIP Nodes are running only using the batch files, close the CMD windows to stop the processes, then restart then using the following file:
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