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RAM requirements for host servers are listed in CAST AIP for Dashboards - Hardware requirements, however, "out of the box", the Windows Services and batch scripts made available to run the AIP Console (front-end) and AIP Nodes (which are Java applications) are configured to run with conservative RAM memory allocations as shown in the table below:

Xmx value1024MBMaximum memory allocation pool for a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
Xms value256MBInitial memory allocation pool for a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

This means that even though the host server may have 64GB RAM available (for example), it will only give a maximum of 1GB to the JVM in which AIP Console and the AIP Nodes run. You may therefore find that this is not sufficient and you may receive low memory/out of memory errors when running analyses or snapshots. If this is the case, CAST recommends increasing the Xmx and Xms values until your low memory/out of memory exceptions have been resolved as explained below.

CAST highly recommends using the following values in "large" deployment scenarios, for both AIP Console front-end and all AIP Nodes:

Xmx value4096MB
Xms value1024MB

Modifying Windows Services memory settings

  • Stop the AIP Console or AIP Node Windows Services
  • Execute the following executable on the host server depending on your requirements:
%PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\tools\aip-console-servicew.exe >>> For AIP Console front-end
%PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\tools\aip-node-servicew.exe >>> For an AIP Node

The following configuration screen will be displayed. Click the Java tab (1) and make your changes as highlighted (2):

Click Apply and then OK to confirm the modification to the JVM memory settings, then restart the Windows Service to use the new settings.

Modifying default batch scripts

If you are using the default batch scripts to start the AIP Conseol (front-end) or the AIP Nodes, then you should modify the following files after having stopped the running service:

%PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\tools\runAIPConsole.bat >>> For AIP Console front-end installed on Microsoft Windows
install_location/CAST/AipConsole/AipConsole/tools/ >>> For AIP Console front-end installed on Linux
%PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\tools\runAipNode.bat >>> For an AIP Node

Locate the line containing the Xmx and Xms values and modify it as required. For example, for an AIP Node:

java -jar -Xmx1024m -Xms256m "bin/aip-node-app.jar"

Save the file and then restart the relevant service.

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