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Summary: this section explains how to back up an Application (manually) so that its schemas and other information can be safely retained and restored. Note that:


(tick)Ensure that your Application already exists.
(tick)Ensure that you are logged in as a user with the Admin role.

What is backed up?

When a backup is actioned the following will occur:

  • the Application's associated schemas will be backed up in .cssbackup format
  • the Application's Delivery folder will be backed up in uncompressed format
  • Options set at version level within the Application, for example exclusion patterns, source path, objective choices (these are included from Console ≥ 1.22) in XML format
  • Snapshot Indicator records (these are included from Console ≥ 2.4)
  • If you are using the Modern onboarding workflow (see Application - Modern Overview), all fast scan data is included in the backup

In older releases of Console (≤ 1.21), the backup action does not record any selections made in the Objectives step of the delivery wizard. This means that any customizations made in this step will not be backed up and will not be restored. As a direct consequence, for example, enabling the Security Assessment objective will also enable Security Dataflow. When an application is restored, since the Objectives are not backed up, the Security Dataflow options will return to their default position (disabled).


Login with a user account that already has the Admin role and switch to the Admin Center:

Ensure you are working in the Applications tab:

Find the Application you would like to back up and click Options > View Details:

Click the Backup Application button in the Backups section:

Choose a name for the backup and the items you would like to backup. Console will suggest a name using the format APPNAME_YYYY-MM-DD - and then click Backup:

A backup will begin and may take several minutes. On completion, the backup will be listed in the details screen and can be downloaded as a zip file, restored or deleted:

The backup is stored in the following location on the relevant Node (this is set to use the "backup" folder defined for the Node):

≥ 2.x: \\SHARE\aip-node-data\common-data\backup\<application_name>\<appname>

1.x: %PROGRAMDATA%\AipConsole\AipNode\backup\<application_name>\<appname>
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