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This panel provides options to configure a specific folder that can be used to deliver source code from. When configured, this method of delivery is in addition to the existing method to deliver source code as a ZIP file. The path should be a folder path, and should contain folders. 

Note that the source folder location should contain "raw" source code rather than a ZIP file. Providing a ZIP file in the source folder location will result in a failed source code delivery since Console is expecting "raw" unzipped source code files.

The following path syntax is supported for the source folder location path:

UNC network path\\server\source_code
Local path (on the server hosting Console)





Mapped or subst drives



  • Each Node must have read access to this path there fore CAST highly recommends using a shared network drive that can be accessed by all Nodes.
  • When using a Windows service to start the Node, the login configured to run the service must have read access to this path.
  • If you have issues with regard to the accessibility of a mapped/subst drive, you can resolve it using the map-drives.bat file. See Configure AIP Node storage folder locations - optional for more information about this.

When the option is configured, and you create a new version, you can choose to deliver direct from this designated folder:

Only one folder in the designated path can be selected, so please ensure that all source code is presented in one "root" folder (you can organise it however you need to underneath this root folder):

Changing the source folder location between successive versions of the same Application will cause any Versions that were delivered using the previous source folder location to become "read only" in the Version management screen. CAST therefore recommends that you should avoid changing the source folder if you need to view details of previous Versions.

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