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  • Available in Console ≥ 2.4.
  • This is an experimental feature that is currently in beta.

This panel is provided for customers that are using the Highlight 2 MRI extension (which is required in order to use this feature) to inject CAST Highlight results as properties of objects generated during an application analysis. By linking directly to your CAST Highlight account, your CAST Highlight SCA vulnerabilities can be downloaded direct and injected into the analysis results, which is then reused in CAST Imaging.

Highlight URL

The URL to your CAST Highlight instance, either public ( or private.

Company IDThis entry can be found in your CAST Highlight user profile.
TokenThe Highlight Token - this can be also be found in the CAST Highlight user profile but must be manually enabled by CAST Highlight Support first.
Create applicationThis option is enabled by default and will automatically create the corresponding application in CAST Highlight if it does not already exist there.
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