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Available in AIP Console ≥ 1.26.

This option is global to all AIP Nodes managed in AIP Console. It enables to you specify where your Application's external .NET assemblies (provided by third parties or your own custom assemblies) are located. This is particularly useful if you do not deliver external .NET Assemblies with the Application source code, i.e. in the ZIP file or via a source code located in a folder and instead deliver the assemblies separately. See .NET - Prepare and deliver the source code for more information.

By default, no paths are specified. To add a new path click the ADD button and enter the relevant path - the path must be accessible to all AIP Nodes managed in AIP Console, therefore CAST recommends a shared folder. When the analysis is run, the .NET Analyzer will search the folders you declared and find the assemblies required by your application source code.

This option is identical to the scanner.dotnet.assembly.locations option available in the file on EACH AIP Node:

  • During an upgrade to AIP Console ≥ 1.26, any entries present in the file on EACH AIP Node will be automatically transferred to the GUI settings list the first time the AIP Node is restarted after the upgrade.
  • Any entries subsequently added to the file will be valid and taken into account, however, they will only be valid for the specific AIP Node and will not appear in the equivalent Global Configurations setting (even if the AIP Node is restarted).
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