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This section describes the Console user interface and the options that are available:

Navigation options


A warning symbol will flash to indicate a variety of different issues:

  • The CAST Storage Server/PostgreSQL instance associated to a Node is not responding or the connection has been lost
  • Disk space is lower than 10GB on a Node
  • A Node cannot access the designated CAST Extend server
  • A license key is about to expire
  • A new release of Console/Node is available for installation

Clicking the warning symbol will display a popup providing more details about the issue, for example:


Provides a list of notifications for actions that have been completed in Console, for example, adding an Application, running an analysis etc.:

Click to enlarge

User related options


Change language

Use the option to switch between available languages for the GUI:


Displays the current version numbers of Console:

If a new release of Console is available, the menu will update as follows:

Log outUse this option to log out of your Console session.
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