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CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

Compatibility matrix

ComponentRequired releaseNotes
RESTAPI for embedded dashboards (when using standalone or Windows JAR installers)

RESTAPI 2.11.0-funcrel.

You must use the RESTAPI installer provided with the current release of Console, otherwise there is no guarantee of compatibility.
CAST Imaging≥ 2.5.2-funcrel-



New Features

UI - Switch from legacy to fast scan onboarding mode - betaIt is now possible to switch applications from onboarding without Fast Scan (legacy) mode to fast scan onboarding mode using the CAST Console UI. See

Feature Improvements

UI - Onboarding with Fast Scan - Run Analysis advanced optionsWhen working in the Overview panel in Onboarding with Fast Scan mode, a new icon has been added in the Run Analysis section which allows you to control what steps in the analysis process are actioned. This button is only enabled when an initial deep analysis has been completed. See At the same time, the equivalent green "run analysis" button has been removed from the Application Management > Extensions, Config and Snapshots panels.
UI - Onboarding with Fast Scan - detection of configuration changes before upload to CAST ImagingFollowing an initial deep analysis when working in Onboarding with Fast Scan mode, any change to the application configuration (addition of an Architecture Model, reviewing of Dynamic Links, addition of an Update Application Schema job, transaction configuration, module configuration etc.), a banner is displayed in any tab of the Application Management > Config panel to inform you that a configuration change has been made and that your data should be updated. If the "Update" button is clicked, then a job will run to ensure that all data is correct and prepared ready for the next upload to CAST Imaging job. See also
UI - Alert Notifications for error severity log messagesWhen a log message with an error severity level is encountered in any job run by CAST Console, this will be reported as a notification in the upper right corner of the UI (the bell icon). See
UI - Improved log messages for missing classes (jar)When an analysis is run, previously when missing classes (i.e. jar files) were encountered a message was logged ("Missing classes list when comparing DMT result and framework detector") which is difficult to understand. This message has now been replaced with a more user friendly message: "We are not able to find the artifacts for the following classes. This may impact the results of your analysis. Please check your maven configuration settings or provide manually the missing artifacts."
Technical - Improvements to Log Service - betaIt is now possible to configure the Log Service to highlight specific messaged as notifications using regular expressions (as well as plain strings), i.e. so that more complex patterns can be matched and highlighted as notifications. See
UI - Onboarding with Fast Scan - Resume AnalysisWhen using the onboarding with Fast Scan mode, if one of the following job steps fails, Console will now give you the opportunity to resume the analysis from the same step once the issue has been resolved: Install extensions, Set as current, Update Extensions (rescan), Analysis, Prepare Analysis data, Snapshot, Snapshot indicators, Upload to Measure schema, Upload to CAST Imaging.
UI - Admin Center - Global Configuration - PDS DumpsThe PDS Dumps configuration panel has been updated to allow the entry of specific file extensions in the configuration of a dump type. Previously it was only possible to select Mainframe file types such as copybooks or programs, now it is possible to enter a specific file extension instead, therefore allowing dumps containing other technology such as Perl or ColdFusion to be delivered in this way. See and

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-14236When upgrading to 2.8.0-beta3, the default PDS Dump entry provided out of the box will contain an erroneous entry in the new "Member file extension" field. The entry COBOL_COPY_BOOK should be manually changed to .cpy if you rely on this default library entry.


Feature Improvements

Technical - Onboarding with Fast Scan - Module creation modeWhen using the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow, the default auto module creation mode for new applications is now set to "Full Content" instead of "per Technology". This means that by default when onboarding a new application, one single module will now be created containing the application's entire source code. In a CAST Console upgrade scenario, existing applications will not be impacted by this change. See also and
UI - Onboarding with Fast Scan - Analysis Results IndicatorsA new section has been made available in the Overview panel called "Analysis Results Indicators". This section is only visible when CAST embedded Dashboards have been configured and when a deep analysis (with snapshot) has been actioned. This section is already available in the Overview panel for the legacy onboarding without Fast Scan. See
UI - Legacy onboarding without Fast Scan - Application creation - Select NodeIt is now possible (when using the Legacy onboarding without Fast Scan in Enterprise mode with multiple Nodes) to select a specific Node for the application. Previously this was not possible and Console used its load balancing mechanism to choose the Node automatically. See and
Technical - SMTP settings for email notificationsWhen using Enterprise mode, it is now possible to define SMTP settings for the Console email notification system that applies at a global level. Previously this was only possible for Standalone editon. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-14173Fixes a known issue discovered in 2.7.0-funcrel that is causing any user defined module that is configured in any way other than "per technology" to be automatically removed during the analysis process - this occurs when using either of the onboarding workflows (i.e. with or without fast scan).
WEBI-13943Fixes an issue where the sort on the "Status" column in the Application Management panel ( was not working correctly.
WEBI-13862Fixes a minor UI issue in Architecture Studio in the dialog box displayed when creating a new Layer from an Analysis Unit or from a Module: the "Select All" and "Deselect All" buttons were not correctly aligned.
WEBI-14129Fixes issues that occurred when deactivating a specific Analysis Unit from the next analysis job: the Analysis Report section in the Overview panel (for both onboarding with and without Fast Scan) was not updated to show the corresponding removal of the objects belonging to the deactivated Analysis Unit. A side effect of this issue was the objects belonging to the deacivated Analysis Unit were still analyzed (in the next analysis job) and consequently uploaded to CAST Imaging.
WEBI-13928Fixes a minor UI issue in the legacy onboarding workflow when adding a long exclusion path: due to a style sheet issue, the long path was not correctly displayed in the UI and overran the border of the table.
WEBI-14114Fixes a minor UI issue where application backup entries were not displayed in the UI automatically. A manual screen refresh was required. Now completed backups are auto displayed in the list of existing backups.
WEBI-14110Fixes an issue where (when using the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow) additional Filter Rules were displayed in the UI after a deep analysis had been completed. Now all Filter Rules are available for selection/deselection immediately after a Fast Scan has completed.
WEBI-14158Fixes an issue visible when using the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow, having completed an initial deep analysis and where a change was made to the Module creation rule. This change to the Module creation rule was ignored in the next analysis job and the rule was reset to the default "per Technology" rule. Now, customizations to the module creation rule are correctly taken into account.


Feature Improvements

Technical - Support for SAP PowerBuilder 2021, 2022 and 2023Console has been updated to support the analysis of SAP PowerBuilder 2021, 2022 and 2023. This support requires AIP Core ≥ 8.3.50 to be installed on the relevant Node(s). In addition, there are no changes to the requirement to install the SAP PowerBuilder IDE on the Node(s) - see
Technical - Node logs ZIP file nameThe name of the ZIP file created when downloading Node Service logs directly from the Console UI in Enterprise mode have been updated to provide clarity: the ZIP file name now includes the Node name (usually the host name) and the port number to help distinguish which Node the ZIP file originates from. See
UI - Admin Center - Global Configurations - Maven RepositoriesThe UI has been updated with a note to better explain how to use drag and drop to change the order of Maven repositories (the order in the UI is the order in which the repositories are scanned during the analysis). In addition a link to the documentation has been added in the UI - see
UI - Onboarding with Fast Scan workflow - Architecture Studio availabilityA change has been made to ensure that an application onboarded with the Fast Scan workflow is available in the Architecture Studio even if the upload to CAST Imaging or a snapshot fails.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-13418The Measurement schema provided as a prepackaged dump file with Console has been updated to match the Measurement schema provided with AIP Core 8.3.49. This version will be used for the creation of new Measurement schemas. If you wish to upgrade existing Measurement schemas to this release (this is not mandatory) please see the section "Upgrade any existing out-of-date standalone CAST AIP schema" in
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