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CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

Compatibility matrix

ComponentRequired releaseNotes
RESTAPI for embedded dashboards (when using standalone or Windows JAR installers)

RESTAPI 2.10.0-funcrel.

You must use the RESTAPI installer provided with the current release of Console, otherwise there is no guarantee of compatibility.
CAST Imaging≥ 2.5.2-funcrel-



Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-13819Fixes an issue where the Exclusion patterns added during version creation are lost after analysis.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
38793Fixes an issue where content discovery is crashing during the "add version" step stating "The actual exclusion patterns may have excluded the sources path".
39036Fixes an issue where JEE analysis units were lost post upgrade from Console V1 to V2. The cause was differing project exclusion rules before and after the upgrade causing the analysis units to be lost in V2.
39681Fixes a performance issue related to the Application landing page, the Admin Center and accessing application details when a large number of applications are managed in Console.
39669Fixes an issue where the delivery step is failing when adding a new version with the error "Encountered fatal error NullPointerException executing job".
39574Provides a fix for issues reported by security scans: CVEs in spring-cloud-gateway-server-3.0.6.jar. The JAR has been updated to 3.0.8.
39629Fixes a display issue in Console where some versions are not shown (all the expected versions are shown in the legacy CAST Management Studio) due to a column in a storage table not accepting enough characters (error reported in the log was "org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(255)")..
39686Fixes an issue which causes an error stating that no modules are present when attempting to run an analysis after importing the application.

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-00000The Enterprise mode "global" installer introduced in 2.6.0-funcrel as a beta is not available in the 2.6.1-funcrel release.


New Features

UI - Modern Onboarding - Default workflow with fresh installsThe modern onboarding workflow (See: is now enabled by default in fresh installs of CAST Console. The legacy onboarding workflow is still available, however before it can be used, the modern onboarding workflow must specifically be disabled using the option in There is no change to the behaviour of Console when upgrading to this release (i.e. the previously enabled onboarding workflow will stay enabled).
Installation - Enterprise mode "global" installer (beta)A new Enterprise mode installer is now available as a beta. This installer is aimed at non-Docker deployments on Microsoft Windows and will, in time, replace the individual Java JAR installers described in The aim of this installer is to simplify the deployment process: all services (SSO/Keycloak, Service Registry and Gateway, as well as the Node) are combined into one installer instead which means that it is no longer necessary to run each installer separately. See
UI - Help WidgetA "Help" widget has been added to all screens in Console enabling users to search for Support articles and also to directly contact Support to request help - see

Feature Improvements

Technical - Load balancing for CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instancesImprovements have been made to the way in which the load balancing mechanism for CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instances functions for analysis result storage. When using the modern onboarding workflow, the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance with the lowest number of CAST related schemas already stored on it will be used when the selector is set to "Any" (see When using the legacy onboarding workflow and adding a new application, the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance with the lowest number of CAST related schemas already stored on it will be selected for use by default (this can be changed manually) - see
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - ExtensionsA change has been made to enable the Extensions panel following the completion of a Fast Scan in the modern onboarding workflow. This will allow extensions that Console has not automatically installed to be manually installed, or extensions that are not required to be removed before the deep analysis is started - see
UI - Dynamic Link Manager interface - Object highlightingA change has been implemented in the Dynamic Link Manager interface: objects that form the link are now highlighted in the code viewer (these are known as bookmarks), making it easier to view the exact item that needs to be validated. See
Install/Upgrade - Console StandaloneA new file called "application.yml" has been introduced in new installations of Console Standalone. This file contains the default configuration for the Standalone installer and this file will now always be overwritten when performing an in-place upgrade to a new release. Any customizations to the "application.yml" file that might be required should now be added to the "application-standalone.yml" file which is never overwritten during an in-place upgrade - see
UI - Dynamic Link Manager interface - Bookmark displayA change has been implemented in the Dynamic Link Manager interface: when a link displayed in the interface contains more than one "bookmark" (i.e. there is more than one instance in the code of the target object name), the display has been altered to allow you to navigate through the multiple bookmarks with forward and back arrows. See
UI - Modern Onboarding - Analysis estimation timeThe analysis estimation time given in the Overview page when using Modern Onboarding now includes an estimation of the time required to upload the data to CAST Imaging (previously only the analysis was included in the time estimation). See
UI - Feedback optionA feedback icon has been provided in the top toolbar. Clicking it will direct you to CAST's ticketing system. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Missing dependencies warningWhen using the modern onboarding workflow, and a deep analysis has been run, any missing dependencies (i.e. code that is calling another piece of code that cannot be found) in the application source code will be indicated with a yellow warning triangle in the Modern Overview page (in the header and in the Run Analysis panel at the bottom) and in the interactive log panel. Clicking the yellow warning icon will direct you to the log showing the missing dependencies. These warnings should be investigated since this may mean analysis results are not complete. See and
UI - Global Configurations - Snapshot StrategyImprovements have been made to the Snapshot Strategy settings in the Administration Center (under Global Configurations). The existing strategy options remain and two new options have been added to allow snapshots to be either retained or removed based on their name. In addition, custom scheduling for the cleanup job can now be set directly in the UI. See
UI - Application Management panelThe Application Management panel has been updated and now displays information in two slightly different ways, depending on the onboarding workflow that is enabled: only applications onboarded with the currently enabled onboarding workflow will be visible in the panel - i.e. if you have applications onboarded using the modern onboarding workflow, then you will only see these applications in the panel when this workflow is enabled. In addition, a toggle is available when using the legacy onboarding workflow to allow you to switch to the modern onboarding workflow easily. See and
UI - Application Management panel - Modern onboardingWhen the modern onboarding workflow is enabled (this is the default position for fresh installations in this release) and there are no existing applications onboarded using this mode, then the onboard application dialog box is now automatically displayed. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-12334A minor change has been implemented: when a job is in progress (analysis/add application etc.) the button in the "Next Action" column in the Application Management panel ( will be disabled and will show "No Action" until the job is complete. In previous releases the button was available even when a job was ongoing.
WEBI-13504A change has been made to the Node installer: Nodes will now run by default on a static port (8089) instead of a random dynamic port, but you are free to change this to a different port in the installer if you have another service already running on port 8089. The installer will check that the chosen port number is free. This change removes the issue that was encountered when the Node service was restarted and a new random port was chosen causing communication between Console and the Node to be broken. See and
WEBI-13747A tooltip icon has been to the Dynamic Link Manager to explain that it is possible to use the SHIFT key combined with the mouse to select multiple links for review. See
WEBI-13756The option "Rescan/Refresh" that was previously available in the Zip Content/Folder Content section of the Overview panel when using the modern onboarding workflow has been moved into the header section of the Overview panel and renamed to New Scan - the behaviour remains the same. See
WEBI-13734The analysis step "Restore Files" has been renamed to "Finalizing Analysis". See
WEBI-00000Delivered Engineering Dashboard release: 2.10.0-funcrel. Delivered Health Dashboard release: 2.10.0-funcrel.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
37039The documentation has been updated to provide an explanation of the "Date of maintenance is about to expire" warning that is sometimes seen in the UI. See
38462Fixes an issue where the "Add version" action is crashing at the "install extensions" step despite blacklisting an extension which is not present in Extend Local Server. The step will now not fail if the extension is blacklisted and is not present in Extend Local Server.
38305Fixes an issue causing the analysis process to be halted in error during the "Set as current version" step due to the fact that a module is not getting created even though the corresponding Analysis unit is present.
38768The documentation has been updated to add a limitation/warning regarding the "data" installation path used for the Java JAR SSO/Keycloak installer: the limitation states that the path for the "data" folder must not have any whitespace in it. This is a limitation of the Keycloak service. See

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-13818From the applications landing page, when adding versions on different applications, the add version wizard exclusion page is sometimes not refreshed
WEBI-13819Exclusion patterns adding during add version wizard are lost after analysis
WEBI-13830When doing a modern onboarding with a huge folder as source location, the job takes lots of time to start and application status displays 'unknown job'
WEBI-13790When user stops the fast scan 'unknown job stopped' status is seen with run analysis as next action and the overview page keeps loading.
WEBI-13855In a situation where Applications were onboarded prior to a Console upgrade only using the legacy onboarding workflow and where the modern onboarding workflow option was enabled immediately prior to a Console upgrade, after an in-place upgrade to 2.6.0-funcrel the Application Management page will by default display only applications onboarded using the modern onboarding workflow therefore hiding all applications onboarded using the legacy onboarding workflow. To resolve this issue (i.e. to redisplay the applications onboarded with the legacy workflow), disable the Modern Onboarding option in the Admin Center - see
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