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Following on from the changes to the onboarding workflow introduced in 2.3.1 (see 2.3.1 - Summary of changes to the onboarding process), additional changes have been added in this release as detailed below.

Restrictions on applications in discovered state

When the initial phase of an application onboarding has been completed using the new workflow, and the application is in "discovered" state (see image below) some restrictions have been implemented in the Admin Center because the application has not yet been created (this is done when the source code is sent for analysis).

Application in discovered state - click to enlarge

The following restrictions will be applied in the Admin Center:

1The Application is not clickable and therefore it is not possible to view the Application Details (see Administration Center - Applications - Application Details).
2Some menu options are not available.

Removal of Project Exclusions Rule interface

The Project Exclusions Rule interface has been removed from the Application - Pre-analysis panel. See Managing Project Exclusion Rules for more information.

Run analysis estimation

The Run analysis button now shows the estimated analysis time in hours and minutes (previously this was only displayed in minutes):

Minor cosmetic updates

Some minor cosmetic updates have been applied to the Pre-analysis findings panel in this release:

Heading section

  • Title removed 
  • Pre-analysis findings placed above Technology chart

Technologies section

  • Renamed to "Software Composition"
  • Donut graph changed to horizontal graph
  • No labels