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Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

Compatibility matrix

ComponentRequired releaseNotes
RESTAPI for embedded dashboards (when using standalone or Windows JAR installers)

RESTAPI 2.7.0-funcrel:

  • Enterprise mode = JAR installer
  • Standalone mode = JAR installer
You must use the RESTAPI provided with the current release of Console, otherwise there is no guarantee of compatibility.
CAST Imaging≥ 2.5.2-funcrel-



Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-12978Fixes an issue where the Log4j CVE was still present in some pom.xml files inside the installer.
DASHBOARDS-4776Fixes an issue where the Log4j CVE was found in: "" in "cast-integrated-health-engineering-dashboard-for-console-se-2.7.0-89-installer.jar".


New Features

Technical - Improved embedded CAST Dashboard deploymentFor those installing Console in Standalone mode using the Java JAR installers ( a Java JAR installer is now provided for the deployment of the integrated RestAPI for the embedded CAST Dashboards. This Java JAR installer replaces the previous manual and complex method using a ZIP file. See
UI/Technical - Integration with CAST HighlightA new set of options has been added under System Settings in the the Administration Center that allows you to integrate Console with CAST Highlight so that your CAST Highlight SCA vulnerabilities can be downloaded direct and injected into the analysis results. See Note that this is an experimental feature that is currently in beta.

Feature Improvements

Technical - Application backupSnapshot indicator records are now automatically included in the Application backup (no additional configuration is required) - see and
Technical - Analysis ReportsIn previous releases the Analysis Reports ( would show erroneous values for the file extensions .js, .jsp and .aspx - each of these file types was counted twice due to the way in which these files types are analyzed and categorized. In this release, these files will only be counted once (correctly).
UI - Extension managementWhen viewing included or available extensions for your application, the name of the extension is now a clickable link taking you direct to the extension in the CAST Extend public website ( Note that when using Extend local server (in offline or connected mode), the clickable link will not be available.
UI - Admin Center - Nodes - Select a specific nodeIt is now possible to choose a specific Node to action the jobs (analysis etc.) for your application - Nodes offered will be Nodes running the same release of AIP Core used for your Application for previous actions. Nodes running older releases of AIP Core will not be offered for selection. See
Technical - Architecture Models - PublishingA change has been implemented in this release with regard to the way in which Architecture Models are assigned to applications. Now, Architecture Models will need to be published (internally within Console) as an extension and the extension(s) included in the specific applications. Previously Architecture Models were added directly to applications. See and
UI - Architecture Studio - Conversion of Layers and SetsIt is now possible to convert an existing Layer to a Set and an existing Set to a Layer via the "Convert to X" menu option in the left hand panel of the model editor. Note that dependencies will be lost when this is actioned. See
Technical - Visual Cpp 2010-2012 Project DiscovererThe Visual Cpp 2010-2012 Project Discoverer ( is now automatically installed when a .vcxproj file is included in a source code delivery.
Technical - Manage Project Exclusion Rules via configuration fileIt is now possible to manage Project Exclusion Rules for discoverers via an XML configuration file provided on each Node. Rules can be enabled or disabled as required. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-12653When a Delivery Strategy option ( is enabled and is triggered during a delivery, the behaviour of the way in which the process is stopped has changed. Now, instead of being recorded as a "failure", the process is recorded as "stopped". This change has been implemented for automation purposes.
WEBI-12633Two extensions have been added to the list of extensions that are "force installed" by Console (see for every Application and analysis: 1) com.castsoftware.coremetrics (see and 2) com.castsoftware.moduledefinitiontypes (see Note that these extensions may impact existing analysis results and you should therefore consult their documentation.
WEBI-12750In the "Pre-analysis findings" panel introduced in 2.3.1 in beta, the estimated analysis time is now displayed in hours and minutes (previously only minutes was displayed). See
WEBI-12662When the initial phase of an application onboarding has been completed using the new workflow, and the application is in "discovered" state (see image below) some restrictions have been implemented in the Admin Center because the application has not yet been created (this is done when the source code is sent for analysis). See
WEBI-12676Some minor cosmetic changes have been made to the "Pre-analysis findings" panel (part of the new onboarding workflow). See
WEBI-12164The way in which "Fully Analyzed" and "Not Analyzed" values are calculated for the Analysis Report (see has changed in this release: files classed as external (third party libraries etc.) are now included in these two values as well as internal files (previous releases never included external files). Note that values for existing versions will not change and the new behavior will only be applied to new versions of existing applications or brand new applications onboarded in this release.
WEBI-00000Delivered Engineering Dashboard release: 2.7.0-funcrel. Delivered Health Dashboard release: 2.7.0-funcrel.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
36792Fixes an issue where alerts generated in Console and then ignored using the legacy Delivery Manager Tool are not synchronized back to Console (i.e. the ignored alerts remain visible in Console).
34994Fixes an issue preventing a valid C/C++ file type (*.pc) from being manually added under "Main Files" in an existing Analysis Unit.
36786Fixes an issue causing erroneous display of parameter values in selection criteria within the Architecture Studio model editor.
34342Fixes an issue causing an error when attempting to add a new C/C++ include path at C/C++ Technology level: "The value assigned is not valid".
34458Fixes an issue where a 404 "We are lost" page is displayed when attempting to save the Extend local server settings.
36785Fixes an issue where a 404 "We are lost" page is displayed when attempting to save the Extend local server settings.
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