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Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

Compatibility matrix

ComponentRequired releaseNotes
RESTAPI for embedded dashboards (when using standalone or Windows JAR installers)RESTAPI 2.5.2-funcrel (Spring Boot ZIP).You must use the RESTAPI provided with the current release of Console, otherwise there is no guarantee of compatibility.
CAST Imaging≥ 2.5.2-funcrel-



Note that this maintenance release contains simplifications to the UI (mainly for the onboarding process) and these will continue in future releases of Console. Documentation has therefore not been updated - this will be done when changes are complete.

Feature Improvements

UI - Simplification of create application and analysis steps labelsThe labels for the interactive list of action steps that are displayed in a slide out panel on the right hand side of the UI have been simplified to reduce complexity. Previously, internal/complex names were used for these steps. See
UI - Simplification of UI for adding a new version or version n+1 (rescan)The UI for adding a new version or a version n+1 (rescan) has been simplified to remove complexity. There is no impact to the actual functioning of Console, however, some options, steps and labels have been merged, renamed or moved. See


Feature Improvements

Technical - default RAM allocation for Nodes increasedThe default allocation of Initial and Maximum RAM for Nodes has been increased from 256MB to 512MB (Initial) and from 1024MB to 2048MB (Maximum). See also: and
Technical - unattended installationThe documentation has been updated with information about performing an unattended installation using a .defaults file, for the following Java JAR installers: Node, Gateway, Service-Registry, Standalone. See the relevant installation documentation for more information:

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-12252Fixes an issue where the "run analysis" step failed with an error on the Node: "java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <<> at index 0".
WEBI-12247Fixes an issue where the "Set as current version" step is failing on an Application that has been imported from CAST Management Studio.
WEBI-11719Fixes an issue where source code delivery exclusions were incorrectly applied to the entire source code delivery path when using a "Source Folder Location" or to the ZIP file itself, causing deliveries to fail when the path or ZIP file name contained a match for the default exclusion patterns (for example a path or ZIP containing the word "test" or "temp").
WEBI-12269Fixes an issue where the "Set as current version" step fails for a cloned version.


Feature Improvements

UI - Start-up wizard - Named Application licenseIt is now possible to choose the license key strategy you would like to use with AIP Console: based on Contributing Developers or based on Named Applications. When a license key strategy has been chosen it is not possible to change it. See for more information.
UI - Snapshot Indicators - Clickable linksA clickable hyperlink has been added to some snapshot indicators - when clicked, the link directs users to other parts of the AIP Console UI to aid understanding of the indicator. See
UI - Snapshot Indicators - Deactivated indicatorsThe following Snapshot Indicators are now deactivated by default in AIP Console because they can sometimes impact performance: Programs/Classes in Transactions, Unexpected Objects Count, LoC per FP Variation. These indicators can be activated if required via the Admin Center, see:
UI - Transactions/Function Points - Object Full Name displayA column called "Object Full Name" (displaying the object's full name) has been added in all panels in the Transactions and Function Points panels in the Application Management section - see the relevant sub pages in In addition, when exporting details to CSV file, the Object Full Name information is now also included.
UI - Snapshot IndicatorsThe UI for the Snapshot Indicators panel in the Application Overview page has undergone some minor UI improvements to bring the panel into line with styling used elsewhere in AIP Console. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-11690If a Named Application license key strategy has been configured in the initial start-up wizard (see a new License Key section has been added to the Application Details section in the Administration Center - this enables you to change/replace the license key if required. See
WEBI-11692If a Named Application license key strategy has been configured in the initial start-up wizard (see the license key panel in the Administration Center > System Settings section ( will not be available since it is not required.
WEBI-11694If a Named Application license key strategy has been configured in the initial start-up wizard (see, and if you need to rename an application, a License Key field will be displayed in the rename dialog box - you must ensure that a new Named Application license key for the renamed application is entered into this new field. See
WEBI-11691If a Named Application license key strategy has been configured in the initial start-up wizard (see the Import Applications button will not be visible in the Administration Center > Application panel (see This is because licensing is per Application. To import applications from CAST Managements Studio, the license key strategy must be set to a legacy license key or a Contributing Developer license key.
WEBI-11842AIP Console alerts have been updated to include alerts for expiring Named Application licenses.
WEBI-11663A check has been added to ensure that all snapshot names are unique. Identical snapshot names are no longer permitted in AIP Console and if any exist from previous releases, then they should be renamed to ensure they are unique.
WEBI-11969The CAST Storage Service/Postgres database name is now displayed in the user interface 1) when looking at the Application details in the Admin Center (see, and 2) when adding a new application and you +have configured multiple CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL hosts (see The displayed database name will help you distinguish CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL hosts that are configured using different databases but on identical hosts.
WEBI-00000Delivered Engineering Dashboard release: 2.5.2-funcrel. Delivered Health Dashboard release: 2.5.2-funcrel. Note that a ZIP file is provided as standard (no installer).
WEBI-12039The storage location for Snapshot Indicator CSV reports has been changed from the AIP Node to the shared common-data folder (..\aip-node-data\common-data\snapshot-indicator). If you have upgraded to ≥ 2.2 and you need to consult Snapshot Indicator reports generated with the previous release of AIP Console, you will need to manually copy the report files from the previous location to the new location. To do so see

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
34678Renaming a set in an existing Architecture Model causes issues if other layers reference the renamed set. The layers are still referencing the set's old name.
33863Fixed an issue where the Architecture Map was not displaying anything at all.
33639Fixed an issue where the snapshot upload to the Measure schema runs for a long time and cannot be stopped.
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