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Feature Improvements

UI - Snapshot Indicator improvementsThe Snapshot Indicator UI has been improved: the "Status" column is now sortable and a new toggle switch "Show all indicators" has been added to show/hide indicators with a N/A value - see
Technical - Upload and Download Transaction configuration rules (.tccsetup)It is now possible to upload existing .tccsetup files and download existing Transaction configuration rules as .tccsetup files. See
Technical - Java JAR installer for standalone deploymentCAST now provides one single Java JAR installer as part of the download media available on CAST Extend aimed specifically at standalone deployments on Microsoft Windows on one single machine, i.e. for demo or POC requirements. The installer includes the AIP Console front-end service and one AIP Node back-end service. Integration with embedded Dashboards is achieved via a deployed RestAPI. No additional AIP Nodes can be managed with this deployment. See
UI - LogsThe labelling of logs in the UI has been improved: each step in an action now forms the title of the log in the UI, helping users understand which steps are logged in a specific action. For example a complete process from source code delivery to snapshot publishing will now be titled "Delivery - Set as current - Analyze - Snapshot - Publish". See
UI - Reference FinderWhen working in the list of Reference Finder jobs, a confirmation dialog box is now displayed when you attempt to delete an existing Reference Finder job. Previously no confirmation was displayed. See also
UI - Source Code Delivery - Ignore Pattern PreviewIt is now possible to preview the items (files/folders) that will be excluded from the source code analysis before the analysis is run. The preview uses the ignore patterns that have been defined and applies them to the delivered source code. This preview can help to fine tune the delivery without having to wait for the delivery step to be completed. See or
UI - Admin Center - Extensions StrategyThe Extensions Strategy options section in the Admin Center has been redesigned to improve use and simplify the options. See
Technical - Source code retention in Delivery modesIt is now possible to retain all source code regardless of the Delivery mode that is used - see Previously it was not possible to retain the source code when using Rapid delivery mode.
UI - Summary of Dynamic Links - Manual ReviewA minor improvement has been implemented in the Manual Review interface for the Summary of Dynamic Links feature. It is no longer necessary to click a specific icon to view the code that creates a link that needs review - the code is automatically displayed when the link is clicked. See
UI - Application Management screen - Analysis DurationA new column has been added to the Application Management screen called "Analysis Duration". This column displays the duration of the most recent analysis step that has been actioned. See
UI - Analysis Report - ExportThe export to .CSV of the Analysis Report data available in the Application Overview panel has been improved. Alongside the information already provided in the export in previous releases (i.e. the same as in the UI), an additional tab (when the CSV file is opened in Microsoft Excel or equivalent) is now available listing each file, together with an array of additional information such as the extension used to analyze the file and its status in the analysis. See
UI - Snapshot Indicators - Dynamic Links reviewedThe "Dynamic Links reviewed" Snapshot Indicator is now clickable and when clicked, the user is directed to the "Summary of Dynamic Links" page - see page. See also:

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-11730SQL validation for "explicit filter" queries in user defined modules and queries for Update Application Schema jobs is now disabled by default. SQL validation can be enabled via a configuration file, see
WEBI-00000Delivered Engineering Dashboard release: 2.5.2-funcrel. Delivered Health Dashboard release: 2.5.2-funcrel.
WEBI-11544A change in internal architecture has been implemented which means that when no AIP Nodes are available (i.e. they are disabled or there are network issues preventing the AIP Node from contacting AIP Console), the front-end AIP Console UI will be disabled.
WEBI-11620A change in internal architecture has been implemented which means that the icons available to access the Engineering and Health Dashboards are now disabled when no Applications exist in AIP Console. When at least one Application is available the icons will be enabled.
WEBI-11636A minor update had been applied to the interactive action viewer (displayed when running an action in AIP Console): the name of the AIP Node is now displayed on the first line and the execution step is displayed underneath, making it easier to understand what has been actioned and by which AIP Node.
WEBI-11753Some existing Snapshot Indicators have been removed in this release. If you have been using any of the following indicators in a previous release of AIP Console, their results will no longer be available: Added/deleted Excluded Objects Count, Added/deleted Objects variation, Complete Transactions with only End Points, LoC Variation (Technology Level), Transactions Variation, TF/DF Weight Ratio, Technology Wise LoC - No Change, Unreferenced Objects Variation. If you need to retain any of the results of the Snapshot Indicators that have been removed, ensure you download them in the Application Overview page. See

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
32304Fixed an issue where it was not possible to download Snapshot Indicator reports or the logs from AIP Console.
33854Fixed a display issue where AIP Console log grouping labels were not corresponding to the jobs that are run.
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