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Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade AIP Console for more information about this.

Compatibility matrix

ComponentRequired releaseNotes
RESTAPI for embedded dashboardsRESTAPI 2.9.0-funcrel (Spring Boot JAR).You must use the RESTAPI provided with the current release of Console, otherwise there is no guarantee of compatibility.
CAST Imaging≥ 2.5.2-funcrel-


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
40981Fixes an issue where new file/folder exclusion rules are ignored when running a new scan on an existing application (the previous file/folder exclusion rules are used instead).
39219Fixes an issue where all existing custom Project Exclusion rule settings are lost after an upgrade to a new release of CAST Console and when running a new scan on an existing application.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
40738Fixes an issue where CAST Console is creating duplicate analysis units.


Feature Improvements

Technical - Universal Analyzer custom user-defined Analysis UnitsDuring the "run analysis" step, existing Universal Analyzer custom user-defined Analysis Units will have their corresponding modules automatically built so that the User-Defined Analysis Unit will be taken into the account correctly. The Universal Analyzer "per technology" modules are no longer built during the Set-as-current step, hence you will not see the related modules unless you run the analysis.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
38619Fixes an issue where the application rescan was failing in the step: "Adding extra packages".


Feature Improvements

Technical - NuGet Resources ExtractorIt is now possible to configure the depth to which referenced dependencies will be extracted from the defined NuGet repository. This setting (called "depthLevel") is available in the file on each Node. See
Administration - Embedded Dashboard configuration - CAST RESTAPIThe intermediary CAST RESTAPI that provides the link between Console and the Dashboard schemas hosted on CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL has been changed and a JAR installer file is now provided instead of a ZIP file. This change also means that the process of configuring the intermediary CAST RESTAPI has changed slightly. In addition, Console 1.29 will no longer function with a CAST RESTAPI provided with a previous release of Console, therefore, those moving to 1.29 and using embedded Dashboards, must use this new JAR installer deployment. See, and

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-00000Delivered Engineering Dashboard release: 2.9.0-funcrel. Delivered Health Dashboard release: 2.9.0-funcrel.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
38116Fixes an issue causing a red ribbon to be displayed in the UI - the corresponding log contains the error "Numeric value out of range: "5449161150" in column "FILE_SIZE"".
34721Fixes an issue where no "C" technology Analysis Unit is created by Console for a source code package which contains EC files/projects.
35692Fixes an issue where the "create package" step fails with the error: "No such property: dmtjeemavenhttpresourcesextractor for class: com.castsoftware.dmt.model.DeliveryMemoryDocument".
37777Fixes an issue where incorrect dependencies between HTML5 and backend technos are added automatically.
38162Fixes an issue where causing an error during the "run analysis" step: "Unable to find with id 58694".
38006Fixes an issue where a post-analysis process fails with the error " - Fail to read analysis list of files".
37410Fixes an issue where a default SQL technology module was not created after adding a new package containing SQL code.
38264Fixes an issue where code exclusions are not correctly applied during application deployment.
36242Fixes an issue where most recent version exclusions are not available after transferring applications from one Console to another Console.
37729Fixes an issue causing the following error during the analysis " - Following Universal Analysis Unit does no longer exist for version".
38087Fixes an issue where applications failing during initial onboarding on "Creating packages from source".



1.29.0-funcrel release has been removed. Please use 1.29.1-funcrel instead, which contains all features and fixes provided in 1.29-0-funcrel.

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