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Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of AIP Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.


New Features

GUI - new "Enable auto update" option for Extension Strategy settingsA new option called "Enable auto update" has been added to the Extension Strategy settings under Global Configuration in the Admin Center. When activated, this option provides a global (i.e. for all Applications managed in AIP Console) method of ensuring that: 1) all Applications will always use the latest release for all Included extensions 2) that a manual update of an extension release is disabled. See
GUI - new Version Strategy optionsA new set of options has been implemented to allow you to configure a version retention policy for all applications managed by AIP Console: 1) to retain versions for a specific number of days. 2) to retain a min or max number of versions per Application. 3) optionally delete associated snapshots. See
GUI - Reference FinderReference Finder has been implemented as a beta feature in this release - this is a new tool specific to AIP Console. The Reference Finder feature enables you to define one or multiple rules at Application level to search for links (i.e. a word, series of words or string (based on Regular Expressions)) between Source and Target code when an analysis is run. See

Feature Improvements

GUI - improved access to the Change Forecast toolAccess to the Change Forecast tool from the Included Extensions page has been improved. See
GUI - new release notification in About menuThe User > About menu will now display a notification if a new release of AIP Console is available. See
Technical - ability to delete a Version that has been used as a basis for a new VersionPreviously, it was not possible to delete a Version that had been used as the basis for a new Version (the "Same configuration as previous version" option was ticked when delivering a new version). This limitation has now been removed and it is now possible to delete all Versions regardless of their origin. See
Technical - Application backup behaviorThe Application backup feature has been improved to include exclusions, source code paths and objective choices set during a source code delivery at version level. See
GUI - Application Owners and DomainsUsers/Groups that have been granted the Application Owner role at Global Level can now choose an existing domain or create a new one when they create a new Application. Previously the selection of a domain was not possible. See
Technical - Assessment Model Strategy optionsAn additional option (Preserve Assessment Model and get new rules for information) has been made available at global level (i.e. all Applications) under Assessment Model Strategy. This option provides a "preview" mode which allows new rules to be enabled but with weights set to zero so that grades are not impacted. See
GUI - Application Overview panelThe Application Overview panel has been redesigned to be more user friendly and provide appropriate information about the application. See for more information.
Architecture Studio - Check model reportWhen you run a model check in Architecture Studio, either from the list of models or the model editor, it is now possible to download the list of model violations in a Microsoft Excel file. See and
Architecture Studio - Check model resultsResults of the Check model action now show the source code that defines the link and a description of the model. See
Architecture Studio - Improved dependency creationThe method of creating a dependency between Layers has been improved: the creation is done directly in the Model editor, rather than by using icons on the Model editor task bar. See
Technical - .castextraction file handlingThe way in which .castextraction files resulting from the CAST Database Extractor are handled by AIP Console has been improved in this release. Now, all .castextraction files resulting from the CAST Database Extractor are supported for delivery in AIP Console and AIP Console will convert them to the required .uaxdirectory format automatically. Previously, only .castextraction files resulting from an Oracle Server extraction were correctly handled by AIP Console. See also
GUI - Version - Snapshot IndicatorsWhen rolling the mouse over the Status column (where the star rating is displayed) a popup will be displayed showing the thresholds required for each star. See
Architecture Studio - Partial Check modelUser can now check a part of the Model
Technical - Support for RPGRPG technology can now be analyzed correctly with AIP Console. See
Architecture Studio - check part of a modelIt is now possible to run a model check on part of a model (i.e. specific Layers/Sets) rather than just on the entire model. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-9248The AIP Console front-end installer will now suggest the credentials admin/admin, instead of cast/cast for the default local authentication user. This change does not impact upgrades to 1.22 - existing local authentication users will be retained.
WEBI-9407Delivered Engineering Dashboard release: 1.24.0-funcrel. Delivered Health Dashboard release: 1.24.0-funcrel.
WEBI-9064In previous releases, when the letters "pg" were located in the middle of an Application name, the corresponding schema names would use GUIDs. This behaviour has been changed and now the letters "pg" in the middle of an Application name will not cause the corresponding schema names to use GUIDs, unless the chosen name is already in use. See for rules about Application and schema naming.
WEBI-8903The option located in the file that governs when the snapshot and version cleanup will take place has been renamed from "node.snapshot.cleanup.cron" to "node.maintenance.cron". This option has been renamed because it now manages the cleanup of both snapshots and versions, rather than just snapshots.
WEBI-9324The Backup Strategy options available under Global Configurations have been changed. Out of the box, no default settings are defined. See
WEBI-9262The Logs panel that was previously located in the Application - Overview section has been moved into its own distinct tab on the left of the Application Management section. See
WEBI-9320The Value field for Snapshot Indicators has been modified to show N/A in two situations: 1) when an indicator measures the variation between two snapshots, the value will be N/A on the first snapshot. 2) for the Large SCC count indicator the value can be N/A when no option is set in the Analysis schema to count the large SCC, so the indicator can not be calculated. See
WEBI-9610Minor updates to the Architecture Studio editor window 1) Header items re-arranged, 2) zoom icons updated, 3) Minor sizing changes to drop down lists. See

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
27977When a global Delivery Strategy is configured to reject the delivery of a Version, the rejected Version will now be deleted correctly. In previous releases, rejected Versions were left in the Delivery folder.
24256Selecting the same version of the extension does not ask to run the analysis again.
27472Better performance to compute snapshot indicators.
24704The restore option on AIP console is restoring properly the packages Backup of application in console has been changed to include the missing information : exclude patterns, source path, objectives. So a new backup should be done for the restore to restore all those information properly.
26544After Import, Application is still retaining the preferences from CAST-MS but not from CastGlobalsettings.Ini file of the Node.
22453The server ports are checked for use, during installation.
27430Technologies are auto discovered.
25304Support for RPG analysis is now available.
23646.castextraction files for T-SQL are now handled correctly.
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