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Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of AIP Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
25750After importing an existing application managed with CAST Management Studio, the new version added is creating duplicate Analysis Unit's for FORMS and REPORTS files.
25867Add version is failing without any error during the copying and attaching packages step.
25891Maven repository information not migrated when importing an Application from legacy CAST Management Studio into AIP Console.


New features

Technical - Implement Maven repository configuration at Application level

The ability to add Maven repositories at Application level has been implemented and is available in Application - Config - Advanced- see Application - Config - Maven configuration settings. Previously it was only possible to configure Maven repositories for ALL AIP Nodes managed in AIP Console, therefore, Maven repository scans during source code delivery could take a significant amount of time if multiple large repositories were configured. This new feature will allow Maven repositories to be added for specific Applications only, therefore improving scan duration.

Resolved issues 

Ticket IDSummaryAffects Version/s
-Run Analysis failed in analyze.augmented-discoverer step in AIP Console1.19.0
-UI: Cannot run a new add version if previous add version action fails in any step1.19.0

Known issues


Delivered CAST Dashboard release

AIP Console embeds the following release of the CAST Health and Engineering Dashboards (see Install CAST Dashboards - new customers for more information):



New features

GUI - Augmented detector - BETA

A new graphical representation of the source code has been implemented, which uses the analysis results to create a detailed "map". This map is in addition to the map displayed when a version has been delivered before an analysis has been run. See Application - Overview.

The ability to manually review Dynamic Links has now been implemented in AIP Console at Application level (via the Config > Advanced > Summary of Dynamic Links options panel). It is no longer necessary to resort to the CAST Management Studio/CAST Enlighten to review these type of links. See Application - Config - Summary of Dynamic Links for more information.

GUI - Update Assessment Model for Admin users

A new option Update Assessment Model has been implemented for users with the ADMIN role. This option will perform the following actions:

  • create a brand new Assessment Model using a combination of the base Assessment Model delivered with AIP Core on the Application's AIP Node, and the Assessment Model fragments delivered with the currently installed extensions for your Application.
  • apply this new Assessment Model for all future snapshots you action

See Application - Config - Assessment Model for more information.

GUI - Support for PDS dump libraries for Mainframe Analyzer

Options have been implemented allowing users with the ADMIN role to define a list of PDS dump library types that need to be recognised by AIP Console, as such, PDS dump libraries can now be delivered as source code and AIP Console will be able to deal with them. See Administration Center - Settings - Mainframe libraries - PDS Dump for more information.

GUI - Login timeout popup implemented

A login timeout popup has been implemented to prevent loss of work when the login session times out. This popup allows you to log back in again and return to your work without losing any changes you made prior to the timeout. By default a session is limited to 1200 seconds but this can be adjusted if required - see Configuring AIP Console session timeout.

GUI - Architecture Studio - Update Library option available

A new option has been implemented in the AIP Console - Architecture Studio called Update Library. This will force AIP Console to check with CAST Extend to see if a more recent release of the Architecture Library extension is available and if it is, to download it immediately. This extension provides model templates and predefined layers and sets. By default, AIP Console will be shipped with a specific release of this extension, however, the extension has its own lifecycle and there may be a newer release available than the release shipped with AIP Console. This Update Library button therefore allows you to check if a more recent release is available for use and download it.

GUI - Access to Change Forecast tool

A new tool called Change Forecast has been introduced to help you prepare for an upgrade of a given extension. Access to this tool has now been added directly in the Application - Extensions panel.

GUI - Analysis/Snapshot generation run time estimation

When running an analysis or generating a snapshot, AIP Console will provide an estimation of the required run time in the Run analysis/Generate snapshot popup. This estimation is based on the statistics that CAST has gathered via the Allow CAST to collect anonymous statistical data automatically option available in Administration Center - Settings - CAST Extend.

GUI - New release and license expiry alerts

When a new release of the AIP Console/AIP Node packages is available and/or the global AIP Core license is about to expire, an alert will be signaled in the top right corner of AIP Console - see AIP Console - User interface.



The installer has been updated as follows for both the AIP Console and AIP Node packages:

  • A new step (Step 1) has been introduced allowing you to choose between running a clean Install and an Upgrade.
  • The default installation location suggested by the installer is now set to %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole (Windows), $HOME\CAST\AipConsole (Linux - for AIP Console package only). Each package is installed to a sub-folder called AipConsole and AipNode.
  • In a Microsoft Windows environment:
    • if a location starting with %PROGRAMFILES% is chosen in Step 2 (for example the default location %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AIPConsole) the following additional paths will be used to store data/delivery/deploy files related to AIP Console/AIP Nodes:
      • AIP Console: %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole. In previous releases of AIP Console, this folder was stored in <installation_location>\AipConsole\data.
      • AIP Node: The following folders are now used. In previous releases of AIP Console, all of these folders were stored in <installation_location>\AIPNode\data.
        • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode
        • C:\CASTMS\node\delivery
        • C:\CASTMS\node\deploy
    • if a custom location is chosen in Step 2, the %PROGRAMDATA% folder will not be used and instead, the <installation_location>\AipConsole\data folder and<installation_location>\AipNode\data folder will be used.
  • Options related to the Windows Service configuration for the AIP Console and AIP Node packages have been moved into dedicated steps in the installer.



The installer has been updated to improve the upgrade process for the AIP Console and AIP Node packages:

  • A new step (Step 1) has been introduced allowing you to choose between running a clean Install and an Upgrade.
  • A new step (Step 9) has been introduced allowing you to choose whether you want to restart the Windows Services on completion of the upgrade.
  • The final step of the upgrade of the AIP Console package will now offer to open AIP Console in your browser.
  • The installer will now detect existing installations of the AIP Console and AIP Node packages if they were installed to default installation locations in previous releases.
  • When the installer detects an existing installation of the AIP Console and AIP Node packages, it will automatically select the Upgrade an existing installation option and will populate the Existing installation directory field.
  • If the installer does not detect an existing installation, you can manually select the Upgrade an existing installation option in the installer and manually populate the Existing installation directory field.
  • All configuration steps have been removed from the installer in an upgrade scenario, therefore once the Upgrade an existing installation option is selected, the Existing installation directory field is populated and the Next button clicked, the upgrade will start.

See Upgrade AIP Console.

Technical - Changes to the behaviour of the Run analysis action launched from the Extension management panel

When you update an existing extension or install a new extension using the Application - Extensions panel, a banner message is displayer explaining that you need to either Install Extensions or Run an analysis before the changes are taken into account. If the Run an analysis option is chosen, in ≥ 1.19 the install extensions step will now be run just before the Run analysis or Create snapshot steps - in previous releases the install extension step was not executed.

Technical - Changes to the Snapshot Indicators feature

Additional Snapshot Indicators have been added in this release. See the list in Application - Overview:

  • Transactions variation
  • Large SCC count
  • AFP variation
  • LoC per FP variation
  • LoC variation (technology level)
  • Recreated functions
  • New technical code
  • Quality rules variation
  • Added/Deleted excluded objects count
  • Violation variation per rule
  • AEFP/AEP variation
  • Added/Deleted objects variation
  • Overlapping objects count
  • Databases variation
  • Technologies variation

One existing indicator Part of functional enhancement has been renamed as AEFP/AEP.

Technical - Measurement schema name now validated

The Measurement schema name is now validated when configuring it in the Complete start-up wizard - v. 1.x or in Administration Center - Settings - Measurement. Authorized characters for the name are as follows:

  • 0-9
  • A-Z
  • _ (underscore)

Any unauthorized characters, such as -, # or $ will be rejected.

Technical - Architecture Studio - Import of existing Architecture Models

When importing an existing Architecture Model that uses the same .castarchitect file name as a model that already exists within AIP Console will now generate a popup enabling you to decide whether to overwrite or rename the model you are importing. This changes avoids silently overwriting existing files on import. See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Existing Models.

Technical - Architecture Studio - Search for existing Architecture Models

The search field available in the AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Existing Models table will now search on both the Model file name (as previously) and the Model ID.

Technical - Function Points - Additional "details" information now available for merged Data Functions

Additional information is now displayed when looking at a Data Function that has been merged. "Detail" information is now displayed about the details of the merge - i.e. the Data Entities that form the merge. In addition "Status" information is also displayed about the nature of the items that form the merged group. See Application - Function Points - AFP Count.

GUI - Admin Center and Application Management options have been moved

The following GUI changes for options and configuration settings have been implemented:

GUI - Architecture Studio - A-Z sort for items related to the Architecture Studio

An A-Z sort option has been added for the following items in the AIP Console - Architecture Studio:

GUI - Architecture Studio - List of existing Models has been improved

The layout of the list of existing Architecture Models has been improved. Amongst other things, it is now possible to view the description assigned to an Architecture Model by rolling the mouse pointer over the name of the model. See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Existing Models.

GUI - Architecture Studio - Contextual menu now available in Layers/Sets windows for Architecture Studio

A contextual menu has been implemented in the left hand Layers/Sets windows of the AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor. This menu provides the Check content, Make a component and Remove options.

GUI - Architecture Studio - Check content action now highlights errors

When using the Check content action in the Architecture Model Editor to view the objects matched by the Layer or Set, any errors or inconsistencies in the Layer or Set are now highlighted directly in the Architecture Model editor.

GUI - Architecture Studio - Improvements to create Layers from Modules and Analysis Units dialog boxes

The dialog boxes available to create Layers from Modules and Analysis Units have been improved - see AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor:

  • Both now include a search field allowing you to search for the item you require
  • The All Analysis Units/Modules options have been removed and replaced with Select All/Deselect All options

GUI - Architecture Studio - Analysis Units with the same name are differentiated

When using the Create Analysis Unit Layers option, Analysis Units with the same name are now differentiated using their Deployment folder path.

GUI - Architecture Studio - Model Metric ID increment button

Increment buttons have been implemented for the Architecture Model Properties panel. These buttons will increment the entered ID by + or - 2. See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor.

GUI - Architecture Studio - Undo and Redo buttons implemented

Undo and Redo buttons have been implemented in the AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor.

GUI - Applications - Additional information displayed for Architecture Models

Criticality and Weight of an Architecture Model is now displayed in the Application - Config - Architecture panel.

GUI - Snapshot Indicators - Justifications field is only editable for the most recent snapshot

The Justifications field is now only editable when the most recent snapshot is selected. If the snapshot selector is changed to a historic snapshot, the field becomes read-only.

Resolved issues 

Ticket IDSummaryAffects Version/s
20091Garbled Chinese Characters on AIP Console Dashboard UI1.11.0
23062Version addition is failing at the "copying & attaching package" step in Console when the schemas are added/removed in the .castextraction file compared to previous version Source code.1.15.3
24372Create Package step fails with error: Error: Exception while executing a Groovy script For input string: "8,080" Return value: 10001.17.0
24799Module rules disappear when adding new version when there is an existing version in AIP Console1.17.1
25020SQL File still present under KB even though SQL file is not present in the deploy folder
25049SQL AU is not tagged to the module based on technology1.15.0
25083should implement some Archive mechanism to archive JOB_Execution and Events tables on Console and Node so that Services won't take long time to start1.15.0
25090Excluded Folders are still found in the Analyzed list1.17.0
25200AIP Node didn't start because of the corruption in the triplet for an Application without any details in the Logs.1.18.2
25645AIP CONSOLE: Extensions downloaded successfully has ERR string in logs is confusing1.18.0
25664AIP Console is still running on snapshot stage for very long time even after logs show snapshot is complete1.18.2

Known issues


Delivered CAST Dashboard release

AIP Console embeds the following release of the CAST Health and Engineering Dashboards (see Install CAST Dashboards - new customers for more information):

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