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Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of AIP Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummary
WEBI-8367253921.15.0: AIP Nodes are writing backup files to the path - C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\CAST_Tmp_Backups
WEBI-801024504Incorrect Chinese Characters in AIP Console Dashboard UI

Delivered CAST Dashboard release

This release of AIP Console embeds the following release of the CAST Health and Engineering Dashboards (see Install CAST Dashboards - new customers for more information):



Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummary

Applications with same name (Case sensitive) getting created but not visible to add version and perform analysis in AIP Console GUI


The "OK" button overlaps the list of generated objects, this list exceeding the bottom of its container window


When running in windows service, the sdtout and sdterr file is never rolled over


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummary

UI : On Edge, the bubble is not aligned in home page


UI does not send the right version when run analysis from homepage after cloning version without snapshot


Homepage status bug


Clone version fails when AIP-Console runs on JDK11


New features

GUI - new standalone action to run an extension installation on its own

A new standalone action has been added to run an extension installation on its own, without having to run an entire analysis action (which includes the extension installation step right at the start). Whenever a manual change is made in the Included/Available Extensions interface (a new extension is added for example), a yellow banner will appear at the top of the screen with an option to run the extension installation action. See Included/Available Extensions.

GUI - AIP Console localization available in Chinese (zh_CN)

The AIP Console GUI is now available in Chinese (zh_CN) by selecting the Change Language option available in the user menu. See AIP Console - User interface.

Technical - Automatic extraction of NuGet packages for .NET source code

A new extension (NuGet Resources Extractor) has been published that provides the means to configure an automatic extraction of NuGet package dependencies from a NuGet repository specifically for .NET application source code. In other words, NuGet package based source code that resides in a simple local or location. This extractor should be used when you want to extract packages (.nupkg) based source code that is stored in a NuGet repository. For example, when your .NET application contains .csproj files which have package references defined, you can use this extractor to extract those NuGet packages from the NuGet repository.

The extractor will extract all NuGet package dependencies and place them inside a folder called "NuGetPackages" folder located in the LISA folder.

See NuGet Resources Extractor - 1.0 for more information.

Note that this extension is currently (at the time of release of AIP Console 1.18) in alpha release mode. Therefore, CAST does not recommend its use in production environments.

Technical - Ability to configure minimumIdle and maximumPoolSize for connections from an AIP Node to the CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL instance

See Configuring connection settings from AIP Node to CAST Storage Service or PostgreSQL.

Technical - New set of Architecture Studio Library components

A new and improved set of predefined Architecture Studio Library components is now available for the Architecture Model editor. See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor.


Documentation - Import application from CAST Management Studio to AIP Console

The instructions provided for existing customers to support their move from CAST Management Studio to AIP Console have been re-written and restructured specifically for use with AIP Console  1.18. See Import an Application managed with CAST Management Studio into AIP Console.

GUI - Application Management screen has been redesigned

The AIP Console - Application Management screen has been redesigned to improve end-user experience.

GUI - Architecture Studio Layer/Set and Transaction Rule creation improvements

The selection of criteria for Layers and Sets in an Architecture Model and rules for Transactions has been improved to remove popups and allow criteria to be added "inline". In addition, the lists of Types/ Property-Category/Property-Types are now sorted alphabetically and are searchable. See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor and Application - Transactions - Rules.

GUI - new alerts implemented

Three new alerts have been implemented:

  • When the global CAST AIP license is 15 days from expiry
  • When an Application's AIP release is more recent than the current AIP Node's AIP release > the AIP Node must be updated before any actions can be run
  • When an Application's AIP release is older than the current AIP Node's AIP release > the Application must be upgraded before any actions can be run

Technical - Changes to Module configuration settings

Various changes have been made to the way in which Modules can be configured in AIP Console:

  • In Application - Config - Modules:

    • It is no longer possible to select per Technology as an Auto Generate option, instead, the per Technology option is now available when using the Add button to create a User Defined Module. This now replicates the behaviour seen in CAST Management Studio.
    • When changing the Auto Generate option to a new strategy (for example from Full Content to per Analysis Unit), existing modules will no longer be removed when the next analysis is run as is the case in previous releases of AIP Console. Instead all previous modules will be retained indefinitely.
    • When using the Add button to create a User Defined Module, three new options are now available, in addition to the existing option to create a User Defined Module using an Object Filter:
      • Module > creation via an Object Filter - behaviour as in previous releases of AIP Console
      • Module per Technology > creates one module for each Technology discovered in the delivered source code.
      • Module per Analysis Unit > creates one module for each Analysis Unit discovered in the delivered source code.
      • Module per Subfolder > allows you to create modules based on a folder delivered in the Version
    • When using the Add button to create a User Defined Module, the modules are now created immediately in the list of modules, instead of having to run an analysis (as in previous releases of AIP Console). This means that User Defined modules can now be manually edited/deleted/added without having to wait for an analysis to complete.
  • In the Add version wizard:
    • It is no longer possible to select Full Content in the drop down, only Per technology (default) and Per Analysis Unit are available.
    • It is now possible to untick the Generate modules option - in which case a Full Content module will be created.

Technical - Changes to Extension Version Range option

Out-of-the-box for new installations, the Extension Version Range option (see Administration Center - Settings - Extensions Strategy) is now set to install only LTS and Funcrel extensions automatically. This means that alpha and beta extensions will not be installed automatically. For those upgrading to ≥ 1.18, the Extension Version Range option will not be modified: custom settings will be retained.

Technical - Changes to Snapshot Indicators feature

Additional indicators

Additional Snapshot Indicators for Quality Measures have been added in this release. See the list in Application - Details.

Excel report download option

A new option icon has been added enabling you to download Microsoft Excel reports containing detailed information about the indicators in each category:

  • If All Categories is selected then a ZIP file will be downloaded containing the relevant XLSX files - one per category
  • If a specific category is selected, then a XLSX file will be downloaded.

See Application - Overview for more information.

Log improvement

The log file produced by the Generate snapshot indicators step (included in a snapshot when the feature is enabled) has been improved to include information about why a specific indicator may have been skipped during the process. See Logging information about Snapshot Indicators.

Technical - Changes to Architecture Model IDs

Model ID validation

The Architecture Model's ID will now be validated whenever the model is edited - previously this validation check was done only when the Model was saved. Therefore, any errors in the ID (such as using an odd number) will be immediately flagged.

Updating the Model ID

The Architecture Model's ID can now be changed directly in the Architecture Studio interface - previously this was not possible at all. Note that you must ensure that the new ID you choose is not already being used by another Application.

Technical - Changes to Architecture Libraries for Architecture Studio

Change to process of saving an item to the Architecture Library

When saving an item in your Architecture Model (layer or set) to the Architecture Library for re-use as a component, the item can be saved irrespective of whether the Application context is set to Global or a specific Application - i.e. a metamodel error will no longer prevent the item from being saved. An item will now only be prevented from being saved as a component if the Layer or Set contains a missing or incomplete configuration. See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor.

Items are now searchable and listed alphabetically

It is now possible to search for a specific library item in the Architecture Library drop down. In addition, library items are listed alphabetically, first by Layer, then by Set.

Technical - Changes to PowerBuilder options

It is no longer possible to manually input the location of the pborcxx.dll file in the AIP Console GUI (see PowerBuilder - Analysis configuration). Instead a PowerBuilder version selector is now available. This change has been implemented to avoid the input of absolute paths in AIP Console. When delivering source code (see PowerBuilder - Prepare and deliver the source code):

  • AIP Console will first attempt to discover the location of the pborcXXX.dll file/PowerBuilder version using the Windows registry (on the AIP Node). If AIP Console finds a registry key on the AIP Node, it will populate the relevant fields in the AIP Console GUI (see PowerBuilder - Analysis configuration).
  • If no registry key is found (i.e. the PowerBuilder IDE is not installed on the AIP Node), then AIP Console will look in the <AIP_node_installation>\AipNode\data\ file on the target AIP Node. These locations can be filled in BEFORE delivering the source code (you must restart the AIP Node so that the changes are taken into account).

Performance - AIP Console GUI performance improved

An update has been made to ensure that the AIP Console GUI functions quickly when many Applications (100+) have been onboarded.

Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket ID SummaryAffects Version/s

Framework Detector - C++ technology not discovered in case of .cc files

1.11.1, 1.15.0

Use of port need to be checked during AIP Console installation


Unable to analyze Classic ASP application using Console


Capture Date and Snapshot name is not updated


Logs output in AIP Console is not visible in the GUI due to gbk encoding error


AIP console 1.12.0-42: Crash at "declare application in management database" step


One of the module .net analysis unit got dropped post downgrading .net extension


AIP Console upgrade is removing the double backslashes in file for parameter extend.folder=> custom extensions are found

AIP Console 1.17

Module names generated based on analysis units are not distinguishable


AIP Console Architecture Studio - silent error when the model save operation fails


In AIP console after restoring the schemas the Security Dataflow option is getting disabled


Console Architecture studio - issues that prevent to save the model when it contains the custom objects in the layer.


10 Postgres Connections from AIP Console Node open during service start

AIP Console 1.12

Known issues


Delivered CAST Dashboard release

This release of AIP Console embeds the following release of the CAST Health and Engineering Dashboards (see Install CAST Dashboards - new customers for more information):

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