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Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of AIP Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

New features



Support for SAP Business ObjectsSAP Business Objects is now supported, i.e. results of an extraction performed with the CAST SAP BusinessObjects Extractor can now be accepted for analysis.
Import an existing application - transitioning to AIP Console from legacy AIP
  • Support the rescan for applications imported from CMS.
  • The imported application can continue the lifecycle in the context of AIP console
What's your objective? 
  • When he upload a new version of the source code for an application, user can specify the objective of the corresponding analysis.
  • This will allow Console to install required extensions and set up options and tools accordingly.
Architecture model editor
  • User can define the link types that must be considered for Dependencies between Layers.
  • User can see the list of objects that have been captured by a Set or a Layer.
  • User can see the list of links in dependencies and in model violation, with bookmarks in source code. 
  • List of object types can be filtered with regards to the application characteristics.
  • A model can be created from a model template and user can add his own model template. 
  • Model display has been improved and graphical interface has been revisited to propose a better user experience. 
  • Performance has been increased for model check and violations download.
  • Bug fixes.
Source code discovery
Mail integration
  • Support non English characters for application/version/snapshot names. 
Extension management
  • When user add, remove, or change the version of an extension for a given application, an alert is displayed at the top of the Extensions page to ask user to rerun the analysis.  
Integrated Dashboard
  • Integrated Dashboard package has been upgraded to 1.11.0 version. 

Resolved issues

Internal IDCustomer ticketSummaryAffects Version/s

Issue with AIP Console Error when importing application


Issue with double byte/non english characters in AIP Console 1.10 with AIP 8.3.13


In AIP Console , some technologies are identified as not supported.


AIP Console - Analysis failed in update extensions step


In AIP Console Create packaging from source failed with error Field "folderPath" not found


AIP Console - Analysis failed in update extensions step


[AIP CONSOLE] When giving mapped drives we get the error - "Cannot access to Folder"


[AIP CONSOLE] Unable to access AIP Console login page when Console is running on a Linux centos server


Onboarding : Some extensions not detected by AIP Console


Known issues



Duplicated Analysis unit for JEE source code containing eclipse and maven files.

If this occurs, it is possible to manually disable/enable the analysis units.

-The CAST Support Tool export feature does not currently function correctly when using CAST AIP 8.3.13 - 8.3.15 on your AIP Nodes, therefore CAST recommends patching all AIP Nodes with a functioning CAST Support Tool. if you require this feature. See Install additional tools and patches - optional - v. 1.x for more information.


See Deployment requirements.

How to report issues and feedback

Please report and issue or feedback to the product manager, Damien Charlemagne (

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