CAST Extend Settings


The CAST Extend Settings control the integration with CAST Extend . CAST Extend is CAST’s own repository of extensions for use during analyses and access to this for managing your extension is provided in the UI. When a fresh installation of CAST Imaging is initialized, CAST Extend settings are referenced: these settings are displayed in this panel.

You can therefore use the panel to update the settings for CAST Extend, i.e. if you want to change the user name, or if you want to start using CAST Extend local server.


Extend website

This mode configures each node to connect to [](CAST’s publicly available extension server) over the internet on port 443 via TCP. The CAST Extend URL field will be automatically populated with the in read-only mode (i.e. the URL cannot be changed). Your CAST Extend API key (this can be generated in the CAST Extend UI) will also be displayed.

If you do not have a CAST Extend account, you can register, for free, using the following URL: .

Extend local server

This mode configures each node to connect to an on-premises deployment of CAST Extend local server, therefore avoiding a connection to CAST’s publicly available extension server over the internet (in other words this option is aimed at those who cannot access internet resources from the CAST Imaging installation).

API key

The API Key will have been generated during the installation of CAST Extend local server and is displayed in the final summary screen of the installer:

Alternatively you can find the API key in the following location on the server on which CAST Extend local server is installed:


The key is located on the line APIKEY:

    "PORT": 8085,
    "STORAGE_DIR": "c:/ProgramData/CAST/Extend",
    "PACKAGE_DIR": null,
    "LOG_DIR": "C:/Program Files/CAST/Extend/logs",
    "PUBLIC_URL": "http://WIN10TEST:8085/",
    "EXTEND_URL": "",
    "APIKEY": "XCGN1-9263B92E143984F6EF357684F7EFD3EE336C6E7A5F2278ADE1352D7BD34147FFC60F94920F90B9095EBDBD11",
    "USER": "", 
    "CREDENTIALS": "CRYPTED2:A65B5035B193DB7B2B59221", 
    "SYNC_TYPE": "auto" }

Synchronize Extensions

This button is displayed when the connection settings are input and saved. This option will force CAST Extend local server (when running in online mode) to fetch the extension “manifest” - i.e. information that CAST Imaging requires in order to request the correct extension:

  • available extensions
  • available releases
  • technology to extension mappings

This process is also automated (once per day).

Extend offline service (deprecated)

CAST Extend Offline is deprecated and you should use CAST Extend local server instead.

Allow CAST to automatically collect anonymous statistical data

In order to provide an estimate of the time required to fully analyze a given application version, CAST needs to collect anonymous data relating to the volume of files to be analyzed, the performance/specification of the analysis server and the actual time taken to perform analyses and generate snapshots. The data collected will be stored by CAST on its CAST Extend server and will not contain any information that would allow the identification of any customer related information or application. The data stored by CAST is purely statistical and is related only to the size and duration of analyses and snapshot generation (an example of the data collected by CAST is available for download in .json format here ). The richer the database of information we hold, the more accurate the estimation will be.

By default, this option is not enabled in the initial start-up wizard – in other words you are automatically opted-out and can enable the option at any time in this panel.