Provides technical information about the various services that are registered and interact with your CAST Imaging installation:

  • Nodes
  • CAST Imaging Viewer


For each node that is registered with your CAST Imaging installation, an entry will be listed. This typically takes the following format:

Name / URL / technical spec

Name, URL and technical spec of the registered node. The name is determined automatically and consists of the server host name and the port that the node service is running on.

Where the node service resides on the same machine as the CAST Imaging Console services, the node will be title ANALYSIS-Node:<port>.

Disk and database storage status


  • the status of the disk storage on the node. Rolling the mouse pointer over the icon will display the amount of free disk space in GB. The icon will be displayed in yellow when disk space is low.
  • the status of all CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instances (whether it is “up” (green) or “down/unreachable” (red)) configured in CAST Imaging Console (see CSS and Measurement settings). Rolling the mouse pointer over the icon will display the host name and port number of the instance.

System logs

Use this option to download the node service logs (i.e. the %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\Imaging\CAST-Imaging-Analysis-Node\logs\analysis-node.log file) for the current node.

CAST Imaging Viewer

A simple entry to show the URL and port number of your CAST Imaging Viewer service.