Configuring source code delivery from a folder


The Source Folder Location option allows you to configure a location on a disk from which you want to deliver source code. Configuring this option is in addition to the default option to deliver source code from a ZIP/archive file.

The Source Folder Location should only contain “raw” source code, and not ZIP/archive files.

Why would I need to deliver from a disk location, rather than a ZIP file?

You could choose to deliver your application source code direct from a cloned Git repository located somewhere on your network, or your application source code may be very large which means creating a ZIP file is not possible.

What path syntax is accepted?

Type Path Syntax
UNC network path \\server\source_code
Local path C:\source_code
Mapped or subst drives S:\
  • each node must have read access to this path therefore CAST highly recommends using a shared network drive
  • the login configured to run the various Windows Services must have read access to this path.
  • if you have issues with regard to the accessibility of a mapped/subst drive, you can resolve it using the map-drives.bat file.

How do I deliver code from a folder?

If you have configured the location, when onboarding a new application, use the Select source path option:

Only one folder in the designated path can be selected, so you must ensure that all source code is presented in one “root” folder (you can organise it however you need to underneath this root folder).