Managing Default Dynamic Links Rules


When an analysis is run, the authenticity of some links that have been identified between objects cannot be absolutely determined - these links are known as “dynamic links”. Often these “unverified links” systematically occur in every analysis or have no meaning for the specific technology you are working with. To counter this, filter rules (defined in .DLM.XML files) can be configured to either validate (i.e. retain) or ignore (delete) these recurring dynamic links automatically when an analysis is run.

This option enables you to add Dynamic Links Rules (.DLM.XML files) at a global level (i.e. for all applications managed in CAST Imaging):

  • the .DLM.XML file you upload will be stored in the common-data\upload\dlm folder on disk
  • for all new applications that are onboarded, the .DLM.XML file will be automatically added to the Dynamic Links configuration panel under Config > Advanced and taken into account in the next analysis.
  • for all existing applications, the .DLM.XML file will not be automatically taken into account. Instead Application Owners can re-use the rules at application level (in the Config > Advanced panel) if required.

No .DLM.XML files are provided by default.

See here.

What happens if I want to edit a .DLM.XML file I have already uploaded?

You can edit the physical .DLM.XML file in common-data\upload\dlm. Changes are taken into account the next time a new analysis is run.