Managing Analysis Results Indicators


The Analysis Results Indicators setting allows you to enable/disable specific indicators.

What are Analysis Results Indicators?

Analysis Results Indicators are designed to provide basic information quickly so that the analysis/snapshot can be validated. Each indicator is given a score from 0 to 3 during the analysis. The lower the score, the more likely that an issue exists that needs to be investigated. Some example indicators are shown below:

  • Artifacts in transactions
  • Data entities used by transactions
  • Incomplete transactions

The indicators are generated:

  • during the analysis/snapshot in a dedicated step
  • on-demand

You can trigger alerts during an analysis based on indicator scores, see here .

How do I deactivate Analysis Results Indicators?

There are two methods:

  • use the toggle switches on individual indicators
  • make bulk changes using the tick boxes

Can I download the current state of each Analysis Results Indicator?

Use the cloud icon to download a CSV file containing a list of all indicators and their current state: