Using the extension Stability Level setting


This option controls which type of extensions can be installed, whether manually or automatically:

  • LTS (or longterm: Long Term Support)
  • Funcrel (i.e.: Functional Release)
  • Beta
  • Alpha

For example, it may not be desirable to allow the use of extensions that are in Funcrel, Beta or Alpha status in a “production” analysis. Therefore the slider can be adjusted to allow only LTS extensions.

Which setting should I choose?

By default, only LTS and Funcrel extensions are permitted. This is to ensure that extensions that are only in the Beta or Alpha phase of their development are not installed since these may contain issues or features that are undesirable.

You are free to choose any range of extension release type you need.

The Force Install setting overrides the Stability Level setting: if you have set a specific Alpha release of an extension to Force Install, but you have set the Stability Level to LTS and Funcrel extensions, the specific Alpha release of the extension will still be installed.

Where can I see the impact of this setting?

Within the Extensions Strategy list

All lists of extensions will update and follow the chosen Stability Level, for example:

Within the Available Extensions panel

When looking at the Available Extensions panel, only extensions whose version status matches the strategy chosen at global level will be available for selection - in the image below, Funcrel, Beta and Alpha extensions are no longer available since the strategy has been changed to LTS only: